Walbro Fuel Delivery Products For Nissan Altima

255 LPH Hi-Pressure External Pump with universal install kit

CODE: 400-939/GSL392

These Walbro high pressure inline fuel pumps have a lightweight compact design that fits most EFI applications including turbo and supercharged, and are... More

400 LPH Turbine Pump with universal install kit

CODE: TIA400-2

The new 39/50 DCSS pump has been designed around the proven 39mm armature ("motor") that has been used for many years, Coupled with the proven armature are... More

Universal 255 LPH Walbro Kit

CODE: 400-766/GSS341

Walbro offers a full line of OEM replacement and high performance fuel pumps. These Walbro electric in-tank fuel pumps have been designed to the highest... More