ARP Products For Honda B-Series Engine

Acura B18A1/B1 Main Stud Kit

CODE: 208-5404

These ARP main studs are made from 8740 chromoly steel and have a 190,000 psi tensile-strength rating. They are precision centerless-ground and thread-rolled... More

Honda B-Series DOHC Balancer Bolt Kit

CODE: 208-2501

As the crankshaft flexes, the damper absorbs incredible amounts of energy. These damper bolt kits from ARP will ensure that your balancer is locked into... More

Honda B-Series DOHC Flywheel Bolt Kit

CODE: 208-2802

These Pro series flywheel bolt kits from ARP give you all you need to bolt in your flywheel with confidence. They're much stronger than OEM hardware, are... More

Honda Hybrid B20B w/ B16A Head - Head Stud Kit

CODE: 208-4306

These ARP High Performance series head bolt kits are tough! They are rated at 170,000 psi--15 percent stronger than Grade 8 fasteners. They come available... More

Honda/Acura B18 M9 Rod Bolt Kit

CODE: 208-6401

ARP Pro series Wave-Loc rod bolts have a symmetrical "wave" on the shank that eliminates stress risers. These bolts also have a .0005 to .0070 in.... More

Honda/Acura B18A1 Head Stud Kit

CODE: 208-4302

These Pro series studs from ARP are cold-forged to ensure molecular integrity. They are heat-treated prior to thread rolling and machining and are rated at a... More